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Minimess couplings VS Mongor Fluid test point

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minimess couplings VS Mongor Fluid couplings

Minimess introduction

Minimess is developed by Hydrotechnik, more than 50 years ago. 

Manufacturing test point & test hose series, they are found worldwide in hydraulic, process and gas systems.

Minimess test points offer a uniquely simple method of accessing low or high pressure systems for pressure testing, oil sampling or gas charging.  

These pressure test points offer the most advanced sealing system available with working pressures up to 630 bar.

Minimess couplings

Minimess advantages:

Minimess is leakage free designing. 

Customer requirements for leak proof in hydraulic systems led Hydrotechnik to design a positive ‘O’ ring and poppet seal design.

Other competitor test points take metal to metal ball bearing seal. It will give rise to leakage after long time use, especially in cyclic or high pressure applications.

A wide range of industries use Minimess as their choice, from mobile plant to steel and gas production.

These test points are manufactured in steel, stainless steel, brass or monel with buna nitrile, viton or EPDM sealing options.

Minimess test point structure

Hot Models of Minimess:

1. Minimess 1620

Minimess 1620 test points have a unique M16x2 threaded test connection.

(1)Enables quick and easy connection to pressure gauges or test hoses.

(2)Fitted with metal protective cap and securing chain

(3)Compact design allows use in positions where space limited (4)Manufactured in steel with zinc plated and yellow chromated surface finish or in stainless steel 1.4104

(5)Seal material is Buna N (steel body), Viton (stainless steel body)

Minimess 1620

2. Minimess 1615

Minimess 1615 test points are most commonly used in the defence and construction industries.

They have a unique green surface treatment.

M16 test thread, up to 630 bar working pressure, is available in a wide variety of connection threads, body materials & sealing options.

Minimess 1615 test points are also available incorporated in to their test point adaptors range on request.

Minimess 1615

Minimess application:

Minimess couplings can be used to monitor and control pressure in a hydraulic system.

They are applicable for both static and peak pressures, as well as to vent or bleed air, or to take samples to determine whether there has been contamination in the system.

More generally they provide a quick and easy way of coupling devices such as pressure gauges into the hydraulic system.

They are able to connect directly to the hydraulic system while the system is still working under high pressure.

minimess application 2

minimes application 1

Mongor Fluid introduction:

Mongor Fluid is a factory in China, specializing in the designing and production of hydraulic test point & test hose.

Compared to Minimess, Mongor Fluid is a company that is not that old.

But our advantage is that our pressure test point structure is verified by a mature pressure measurement system.

And on this basis we try to reduce the cost as much as possible.

We aim at being the most professional pressure measurement expert in China market.

And provide you pressure test point with the best cost performance.

Mongor Fluid Factory

Mongor Fluid benefits:

As manufacturer in China, we will bring you below benefits:

(1) Factory price, EXW price, 20%-30% lower than market price.

(2) Flexible qty, low MOQ 100pcs.

(3) Unique and stable structure, leakage free.

(4) 3 years warranty.

(5) small&media enterprise, low labor cost.

(6) flexible delivery time for 10 working days.

(7) Over 10 years experience, you will get professional service and suggestion.

(8) Supplier for Sany Crane, Hawe Hydraulic, Bomag road machinerys in broad.

We will be your trustworthy supplier, in both professionalism & service.

factory of hydraulic test point

Mongor Fluid partners:

Been focusing on the field of hydraulic pressure measurement field for over 10 years, we got over 3000 long-term customers in broad.

Our partners involves multiple application industries:

(1) Construction machinery industry: such as Sany Crane, XCMG Industry etc.

(2) Wind industry: Shanghai Electrics etc.

(3) Hydraulic valves & components manufacturers: Hengli Hydraulic etc.

(4) Hydraulic system manufacturer: Hawe Hydraulic etc.

(5) Road machinery: Bomag machinery etc.

Our goal is to make pressure measurement simple and reliable.

We have improved and optimized the cone seal internal structure.

test point structure

Mongor Fluid's advantages:

The current structure design has the following special advantages:

(1)Cone seal type, the valve core ring and the cone sealing surface are in contact with the valve seat surface. General for gas and fluid.

Mongor fluid test point structure

  (2)  The seal is made of special material, which is not easy to deform under strong pressure.

(3)Valve body integrated design, spring always provides sufficient back pressure.

Besides we have passed the fatigue resistance test(with third party test report).

Test condition:frequency 30Mpa~50Mpa, 2Hz(twice/second,100000 times.

Test conclusion: 100000 times passed, leakage free,

Aging test of Mongor Fluid

Therefore, Mongor Fluid get leakage free test couplings, which are durable and have a long service life.

Quality Control:

In the production process, our couplings take through Patrol inspection, semi-inspection, and 100% full finished inspection.


Material: Carbon steel and stainless steel 304/316.

Treatment Surface: zinc, zinc nickel(CrVI-free).

Types:male/female stud, 24° cone, 37° JIC, tube connection, cutting ring, flat surface seal, bulkhead, tee connection, or customized.

Logo:Neutral or customized.

So try us-Mongor Fluid.

We will offer you hydraulic test couplings more than expected, with factory price.

hydraulic test point supplier-Mongor Fluid

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