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Minimess hose VS Mongor test hose

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minimess test hose replacement

一.Hydraulic test hose introduction

The need for pressure checking hydraulic systems in general has make the use of test points & test hose necessary.

This need is solved by the installation of a range of test points, plugs and test hoses.

They are connected under full system pressure, where the introduction of test points & test hoses is needed.

Test couplings and test hoses are applied for the monitoring and control of pressure as well as the ventilation.

The advantages are being easily connected to measure control and switching devices.

hydraulic test point hose application

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About test hose:

· Used in the hydraulic system, test the pressure of each point in the hydraulic system

· It has the features of advanced structure, reliable seal, strong attachment, light weight and easy to use

· Lining layer is nylon, the enhancement layer is extremely strong industrial fiber, outer cladding is made from polyurethane

· This hydraulic test hose has good performance of oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high pressure resistance

· Plenty models, for example: One end is M16*2 female, connected to coupling; the other end is BSP1/4 female, connected to Gauge.

· Pressure test hose for excavator construction is usually 64Mpa, connected with machinery testing coupling point.

· Micro bore pressure hose can be customized by length & end fittings(various available). 

Fox example, 1M length, M16*2 end fittings, stainless steel or carbon steel.


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二.Application of pressure measuring hose

The pressure measuring hose is used to measure the relative pressure of the liquid.

Usually it is connected to the open pipe of the liquid to be measured.

It can be used to monitor seepage pressure, streamlines, groundwater levels and seepage in dams.

Widely used in chemical, automobile, water conservancy, petroleum, engineering machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, coal mine, shipbuilding, aviation, and other industries.

test point hose application

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三.Minimess hose

What is Minimess hose?

The name of the product line, Minimess, comes from Hydrotechnik, who has a long history.

This test coupling looks smart, but could offer a great help to a running hydraulic system.

According to the test point, Hydrotechnik offers a huge portfolio of high pressure hoses with end fittings, as well as gauges.

Because of the quality, demonstrated performance, good after sales service, Minimess test couplings & test hose has met the expanding market demands of national and worldwide customers.

Minimess hoses are microbore hoses that come in the standard lengths of DN2/DN3/DN4.

· Max working pressure 630 bar

· Optional end fittings on both sides

· Fittings made of free cutting steel 1.0718

· For 1620, 1615, 1215 and plug-in series

· Suitable for hydraulic and other oils

· Microbore hoses offer excellent flexibility with high working pressure ratings

· Large selection of hose materials and fittings will fit almost any configuration

minimess test hose_副本

(picture from Minimess)

四.Hydraulic test hose of Mongor Fluid

It is made in China, from Mongor Fluid, with over 10 years experience.

We take excellent raw material with professional certification, stainless steel, carbon steel, DN2/DN3/DN4 hose.

The nominal diameter of the high-pressure hose joint assembly is 2-3-4-5-6mm, and the working pressure is 40-63MPa, which is used to test the pressure of each point in the hydraulic system.

It can also be used as a pipeline to transfer fluid media in the system.

It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, reliable sealing, convenient use, etc., and provides hinged, quick-change, cone-sealed and other connection forms.

There is a self-sealing valve in the pressure measuring joint. 

When used alone, the self-sealing valve is closed due to the action of the spring.

The self-sealing valve can be opened when it is connected with the measuring hose or measuring connector with thimble.

Also it can be used for sampling and system pressure detection of high pressure or low pressure fluid system.

Our test hoses are widely used in major construction machinery, hydraulic machinery etc. in broad, with over 3000 customers.

This hose is used for test pressure in the hydraulic system and conduct the liquid substance.

Advanced construction, reliable sealing, fixed installation.

Features oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high pressure resistance, these features guarantee the test hose long working life and leakage free.

hydraulic test point supplier-Mongor Fluid


· The length of test hose is 0.1-5m / 16.4ft, enough for using.

· Suitable for measuring tube of various equipments.

· A perfect hose to conduct the liquid substance.

· Oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high pressure resistance.

· Advanced construction, reliable sealing, fixed installation.


Minimess has a long history of over 50 years. Their test couplings & test hoses are almost over all of the world.

Today, they have been recognized by their domestic and national renowned distributors.

You can buy Minimess couplings & hoses from agents, distributors, retailers in all mature channels.

The disadvantage is end user or retailers do not take the good price.

What do you do if you want lower price for more profit?

If you want OEM/ODM test coupling & test hose, with your LOGO on it, where to buy it?

You could try us - Mongor Fluid, a company integrate research & develop, design, production and manufacturing.

We specialize in & manufacture test coupling & test hose.

With over 10 years experience, we have gotten over 3000 customers, including Sany Crane, XCMG Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. Hawe Hydraulic etc.

Our internal structural design has been optimized and improved based on customer requirements, and has been repeatedly tested in the hydraulic system.

Manufacturing is also based on the mature pressure measurement market, and our products are verified by countless customers.

Free leakage & long working life are our first consideration. We aim at meeting the pressure measurement needs of mature hydraulic systems already on the market.

Minimess hose replacement

(test hose of Mongor Fluid)

Our outstanding advantages are that:

(1) Professional, focus on and produce only pressure test hoses and pressure test points.

(2)Quality assurance, we are committed to becoming an expert in pressure measurement. Quality comes first.

100% inspection before finished.

(3) 3-years warranty. This point can be written into the contract.

六.how to Identify the quality of the test hose

(1)The micro DN2/DN4 hose should be marked with factory brand, model, origin, and production batch in obvious positions.

The printing should be very clear and obvious.

And the manufacturer of the micro hoses should provide CE or UL certificate.

identify DN2 DN4 hose 1

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identify reliabel test hose

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(2)Notice the specifications and models. When purchasing pressure measuring hoses, it is necessary to observe whether the specifications and models meet the requirements for your useage.

identify microbore hose 1

(picture of Mongor Fluid)

(3)Check whether there is rust on the end fittings. 

Some spare parts are rusted, oxidized, discolored, deformed, and aged due to poor storage, poor coating, or long storage time.

In above cases, you should not buy these parts.

picture of Minimess hose replacement

(test hose of Mongor Fluid)

(4)Check for cracks. Fake and inferior micro test hoses have low finish and obvious defects such as cracks, sand holes, slag inclusions, burrs, etc., which are easy to cause oil leakage and other faults.

(5)Check the end fittings at both ends to see if the crimping is neat and tight. Some manufacturers' crimping machines are relatively low-end, and the crimped joints are prone to loosening.Then the oil leakage will be mess in the hydraulic system.

(6)After a series of appearance inspections above, the final functional test is the most important.

The main function of the pressure measuring hose is to perform pressure testing in the hydraulic system, and oil leakage will bring great trouble to the scene. So this test is a must.

test hose of Mongor Fluid

(test  hose of Mongor Fluid)

七. Sum up

Mongor Fluid is a specialized manufacturer in pressure test points & test hoses, with high cost performance.

If there is no need to use designated brand Minimess, try us - Mongor Fluid.

We won't let you down.

workshop of Mongor hydraulic test point

We know how to meet customers' pressure measureing needs, and are committed to being a pressure test expert,

With a full range of hydraulic test hose & test point fittings, it is easy to get specification you need.

Parker EMA3, Minimess 1612 & 1615, M16*2, Stauff test 20 etc., all can be find replacement here.

Our test stands are oriented to international standards and therefore guaranteed to comply with the requirements of applications all over the world.

Appropriate EXW-factory price and excellent professionalism will make us be your reliable supplier.

Contact us, free samples will be sent to you for testing within 2 days.

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