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What is hydraulic test hose and where to buy with factory price?

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Definition of hydraulic test hose

Microbore high-pressure test hose&assembly usually have nominal diameter of 2/4/6mm.Its working pressure is 28/40/63MPa.

Connected with pressure test point, they are used to test pressure of hydraulic system.

With designed structure, it has advantages of light weight,easy use. and reliable sealing,  

Connectors are divided into several specifications, 24°male cone, flat surface, 37°JIC, bulkhead etc., and customized also accepted, could be with your LOGO.

hydraulic test point supplier-Mongor Fluid

Brief introduction

Pressure test hose’s properties:

Working temperature range:-40℃~120℃

Characteristics: high pressure resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance

Application scope: pressure measuring system of all kinds of equipment, such as construction machinery, machine tools, ships, railways, mining, petrochemicals, automobiles, agricultural machinery, electricity, compressors, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, aviation, medical equipment, hydraulic manifolds, hydraulic systems, hydraulic blocks, pressure measuring equipment, etc.

Test point hose is a new generation product, with many characteristics that traditional hoses cannot match.

Suitable for hydraulic high-pressure test, high-pressure cleaning etc. 

Aging resistance is 3 times stronger than that of rubber pipes.

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Detail introduction

· Test hose is usually available in DN2 (2 mm ID & 5 mm OD)& DN4 (4 mm ID & 8 mm OD) micro bore hose models available.

· It is used for up to working pressure 630 Bar.

· Test hose have minimum bend radius 20 mm & Temp resistance from -20 C to +100 C.

· Test materials would be Polyester fibre as internal braided +hose core = Polyamide + outer layer would be Polyamide.

· test hose could be customized in various lengths from 0.5M till 20M long.

· test hoses are used for various application. Industries such as valves and manifold systems, cylinder control systems, pump drive systems, mobile load sensing systems in mobile hydraulics, various hydraulic control blocks in gases application.

· test Hoses are available in various sizes such as – M16 * 2 female swivel nut.

we offer test hose&couplings just as minimess

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Advantages in controlling:

(1) carry out manual measurement to check the reliability of automatic hydraulic system or valves.

(2) an reliable and common seepage monitoring instrument, which indicates the pressure through the height of the oil column in the tube.

(3) used to indicate the proximity of the same operator to the same instrument under the same conditions.

Installation attention:

Pressure test hose installed on the moving parts shall be protected from shock, wear, blockage and abnormal bending, folding, twisting or dragging caused by movement.

Since hydraulic test hose is so important, how about the market?

Let’s make an overview of this market.

Brands in the market now:  

stauff test hose

(1)Stauff Test Hose

Pressure gauge adaptors and test hoses allow remote monitoring when hydraulic system is working.
Burst pressure 1100 bar
5mm hose outside diameter
Minimum bend radius 20mm
Pressure/temperature factor 122% (to 0°C), 110% (at 30°C), 100% (at 50°C), 86% (at 80°C), 77% (at 100°C)

(picture from Stauff)

parker test hose_副本

(2)Parker test point hose

It is designed to connect test point connector with test point adaptor or directly with a pressure gauge

Through pre-installed test point connectors, remote monitoring of hydraulic system pressure can be fulfilled.
Minimum bend radius 20mm
Pressure/temperature factor 122% (to 0°C), 110% (at 30°C), 100% (at 50°C), 86% (at 80°C), 77% (at 100°C), 68% (at 120°C)

(picture from Parker)

(picture from Hydrastar)

minimess test hose_副本

(3)Minimess test hose

Minimess hoses are microbore hoses that come in the standard lengths of DN2.

Max working pressure is 630 bar. Same fittings on both sides. Fittings made of free cutting steel 1.0718 for 1620, 1615, 1215 and plug-in series.

Minimess offers a range of microbore pressure test hoses and 1620 test points. They make pressure testing and monitoring of hydraulic systems much more easier and convenient .

When you require to check your system pressure, but the test point is close to a moving part,then what can you do?

These microbore test hoses and test points will be ideal for you.

spradow test hose_副本

(4)Spradow tes hose           

Spradow, Germany makes. Test couplings and test hoses offer a unique simple method of accessing low or high pressure testing, oil sampling or gas charging.
These couplings enable you to connect a pressure gauge or other measuring instruments in seconds - even if the system is still under pressure.

(picture from Spradow)

(5)VDH test hose

Description: a hose assembly consists of a piece of hose with two end fittings. High performance test hose for hydraulic applications.

VDH test point hose_副本

(picture from VDH)

(6)Minipress test hose

It is manufacturered by Italy brand MiniPress.

MiniPress manufactures a complete line of leak free hydraulic test points, test hose assemblies, and hydraulic system diagnostic equipment.

RD2/RD3/RD4 is the usual hose type.

These MiniPess hoses and couplings are used in various test conditions. It stands upto 630 Bar or kg/cm sq. pressure rating.

minipress test hose

(picture from Minipress)

MCS test hose

(7)MCS test point

MCS is the brand of Oleotec, in Italy.

Oleotec specializes in pressure monitoring.

They provide a full range of test points, test hoses and pressure gauges under the brand MCS "Mini Control System" for safe pressure measurement in hydraulic systems.

(picture from MCS)

How to buy?

The above 7 brands are worldwide in the hydraulic market.

For hydraulic agents, distributors, wholesale, and end users, these brands are reliable and famous.

But all the sales channels, models, prices are stable, what can you do if you want more profit or want your LOGO on it?

How can you get hydraulic test hose & point with factory price?

Besides, of course, absolutely with good quality.

Mongor Fluid will offer you this choice.

We specialize only in hydraulic test hose & test point, with over 10 years experience.

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What could we Mongor Fluid bring you?

(1) hydraulic test hose & test point with factory price.

(2) ODM/OEM accepted, could be with you logo, with no extra cost.

(3) based in China, with stable production and supply capacity.

(4) Inbroad we have been supplier for most industrial enterprises for years, with leakge free quality.

(5) Sample is free for your testing experiment.

(6) 3 years warranty, just be sure the bulk quality is same as sample.  

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(test hose production of Mongor Fluid)

Why is Mongor Fluid be trusted?

(1) Excellent DN2 & DN4 hose material with test ceatificate.

(2) Aging resistance is 3 times stronger than that of rubber pipes.

(3) Reliable carbon steel and stainless steel with test report.

(4) Imported branded withholding equipment, make fittings and test hose together tightly.

(5) Over one hundred high precision engraving machines make the test hose fittings thread clear and precise.

(6) 100% test of finished product is necessary before delivery.

Mongor Fluid Factory

Mongor Fluid factory

Contact us now, we will bring you excellent test hose more than your expectations.

If need any specification of hydraulic test hose & point fittings, inquiry us.

Price will be lower than those famous brands, with high cost performance.

Sample will be free for your test in 2 days after your request.

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