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where to buy excellent hydraulic test point with factory price?

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Pressure is one of the most important parameters in the hydraulic system. 

Obtaining pressure readings is essential to successful preventive maintenance and troubleshooting.

Hydraulic test points are useful for diagnostic purposes, without turning off the hydraulic system.

Its major advantage is safe and leak-free access to a hydraulic system that is under full working pressure.

They're top choice for hydraulic oils and other fluids used in mobile equipment.

application of Mongor hyraulic test point 2

application of Mongor Fluid test point


Hydraulic test point are used to monitor the status of hydraulic systems, to determine whether there are any faults or malfunctions. 

They are connected via a pressure gauge or test point connector.

Test points allow the connection to a pressure gauge in only seconds while the equipment is running.

It is the most convenient way of measuring pressure.

Designing your equipment with the test points will improve the quality of your equipment.

Easy pressure monitoring makes the equipment more attractive to potential buyers.

During manufacturing process they are used to verify that a newly assembled device is working correctly.

application of Mongor hyraulic test point 1

application of Mongor Fluid test point

(1) used for gas filling valve for nitrogen accumulators for military application
(2) used for gas pressure control systems as test points for gas & water industries.
(3) up to 630 bar
(4) suitable for hydraulic oils & other mineral oil based fluids as well as for gaseous also.
(5) use for venting in hydraulic piping systems.
(6) manufactured from Carbon steel & stainless steel grades as per requirements.
(7) available with steel caps as well as plastic caps.
(8) available in Tee / Elbow / Union / MSC / banjo /Socket weld types.

What brand hydraulic test point in the market now?

In the market there are Minimess, Stauff, Spradow, Minipress, Parker etc.

(1) Minimess test points are developed by Hydrotechnik. They have long history of over 50 years.

Hydrotechnik manufactures Minimess test points in four screw series: 1620, 1215, 1615, and 1604. 

They have been widely used in hydraulic system worldwide.

To work under pressure means to have safe access to a running hydraulic system.

This is possible within the Minimess test point. 

Shutting down of the system is not needed. They can be installed easily and are available in kinds models.


(picture from Minimess)

(2) STAUFF test couplings offer a simple method of pressure testing, oil sampling or gas charging. 

Accessing low or high hydraulic systems is easy for them.

Matching test hoses and test hose fittings in DN2 and DN4. Wide range of accessories.

Test 20 series are widely applied in hydraulic industry.

Stauff test 20

(picture from Stauff)

(3) Spradow offer an exclusive range of our hydraulic components and test points in stainless steel.

They are wide used for high-tech solutions in agriculture, construction machinery, mining industry etc.

              spradow test point

(picture from Spradow)

(4) MiniPress manufactures a complete line of leak free pressure test points, hose assemblies, and hydraulic system diagnostic equipment.

Minipress test point

(picture from Minipress)

(5) VDH test points are classic in the market.

They can be found in power packs, valve blocks, hydraulic power units, hydraulic cylinders, heavy machinery and construction site machinery, earth moving machines, trucks, hydraulic test rigs, etc.

vdh test point

 (picture from VDH)

(6) Parker EMA test points are typically permanently in a fluid system, where pressure measurements are required for maintenance or testing.

When requiring high pressure connections and limited flow rates, EMA fittings and hose assemblies are your ideal choice.


 (picture from Parker)

(7) MCS test point is a Italy brand, manufacturered by Oleotec.

Oleotec provides a full range of test points, hydraulic hoses and pressure gauges. 

The new MCS 621 poppet valve test point series is a reliable and leakage-free solution.

They reduce pressure losses and ensure a quicker response and more precise measurements.

MCS test point

 (picture from MCS)

The above seven brands are widely used in the market.

They have a relatively high market share.

With no special tools required, test fittings give you a quick and convenient way to tie into your hydraulic system. 

A complete line of complementary fittings, including test points, microbore hose assemblies, and gauge connectors to meet all testing and monitoring needs.

Agents are basically all over the world.

For agents and wholesalers, the quality of these brands is guaranteed, but is there a more cost-effective option?

Is there any way to get pressure test points & test hose with factory price and guaranteed quality?

Mongor Fluid offer you this choice.

We specialize in and manufacturer only pressure test points & test hose.

Here at Mongor Fluid we offer a range of microbore pressure test hoses and hydraulic test points to enable pressure testing/monitoring of hydraulic systems.

Here Minimess/Spradow/Parker/Stauff test points&test hose with European standard could find replacement here.

hydraulic test point supplier-Mongor Fluid

test point of Mongor Fluid

How about us?

(1)Factory, specizlize only in hydraulic test point & test hose.

(2)Over 10 years experience.

(3)Located in China.

(4)Rigorous structure & leakage free.

(5)Inbroad we are already be supplier for some famous machinery&hydraulic enterprise for years, with reliable quality.

Contact us now!

factory of hydraulic test point

test point workshop of Mongor Fluid

We will bring you below benefits:

(1) Free sample in 2 days, with European standard.

(2) Any models of Minimess/Stauff/Spradow/Minipress can be find replacement here.

(3) Factory price with leakage free, high cost performance.

(4) Flexible order qty, low MOQ 100pcs.

(5) 100% inspection before finished.

(6) 3 years warranty.

Mongor Fluid Factory

our factory-Mongor Fluid

Here at the Mongor Fluid we do our best to achieve full customer satisfaction.

These Hydraulic Test Points are manufactured to the greatest of quality.

We offer a complete range of pressure test hoses & test point fittings in a wide range of styles and sizes.

All are in short delivery time for 10 working days. And all feature the same consistent quality you’ve come to expect from those European brands.

For those times when you need a quick coupling to monitor and control pressure, vent a system or draw samples, look to us-Mongor Fluid.

The company that offers hydraulic test fittings to let you test systems at working pressures.

Please contact us if you are not able to find what you are looking for.

hydraulic test point workshop

workshop of Mongor Fluid test point

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