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Pressure Test Hose

Pressure test hose, microbore hoses that come in the standard lengths of DN2 and DN4. 
  • Max working pressure 630 bar
  • Wide range of end fittings for your choice
  • Fittings made of free cutting steel 1.0718
  • Aviliable for Minimess 1620, 1615, 1215 and plug-in series
  • Suitable for all hydraulic system and other hydraulic equipment
  • Microbore hoses offer excellent flexibility with high working pressure ratings
  • Large selection of hose materials and fittings will fit almost any configuration
  • All models such as Minimess, Spradow, Stauff etc. can be exchanged here. Factory price, MOQ 100pcs, 100% test before delivery. Contact us now!
  • Free sample in 2 days.
  • Hydraulic Test Hose

  • Mongor Fluid

  • Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel

  • 630bar

  • (1) NBR (2) FKM (3) EPDM (4) Low temperature request: -50℃ on request

  • Zinc, Zinc Nickel(CrVI-free)

  • Neutral or customized


Product Description

1. Pictures: 

Pressure Test Hose manufacturer

2. Applications:


      Hydraulic test coupling enables quick and easy connection to pressure gauges or test hoses.

      Applied for the monitoring and control of pressure as well as the ventilation in hydraulic system.

      We can offer a complete range of mircrobore pressure test hoses & test points, please feel free to contact us. 

      If you are not able to find what you are looking for. leave a message.

application of Mongor hyraulic test point 1

application of Mongor hyraulic test point 2

3. Specification:

    hydraulic test hose manufacturer-Mongor Fluid

 test hose specification-Mongor Fluid


4. Connection Instructions:

      Way 1:

      pressure gauge+test pressure hose assembly+test coupling, this connection can be disassembled at any time.

test hose connection way 1 

     Way 2:

      pressure gauge+SD hose assembly, this connection can be removed when there is no pressure in the system.


     test hose connection way2

5. Details: 


     How to exchange Minimess/Stauff/Spradow test hose models:

      Contact us now, we will exchange it for you. Reply will be in 12 hours.

     Delivery Time: 

      10-15 working days for bulk cargo.


      Free, will be sent in 2 days.

     Warranty Time: 

      3 years

     How to guarantee quality: 

     10 years experience, 100% inspection before package.

     Loading Port: 

      The nearest is Shanghai and the next one is Ningbo, China.



6. Introduction:


       (1) We supply a range of microbore pressure test hoses and Minimess/Stauff couplings replacement, to enable pressure testing/monitoring of hydraulic systems.   


       (2) We have been specialized in this industry for over 10 years, based in China.

       (3) Compared to Minimess, our test hose and couplings offer high cost performance. Factory price, leakage free, low MOQ 100pcs.


     (4) All test point hose models such as Minimess, Spradow, Stauff, Parker etc, can be exchanged here.

            Contact us, we'll offer models you need.

7. Our Workshop

factory of hydraulic test point

workshop of Mongor hydraulic test point


Mongor Fluid World Co., Ltd



Contact Us

Tel : 86-0519-85253639
Email :
Address : Chunjiang Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Zip Code : 213126